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November 16, 2013
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PKMN-Armonia: Calista LaFleur by Berryeon PKMN-Armonia: Calista LaFleur by Berryeon
Edit (3/31/14): New app art~

And on today's episode of let's see how dramatically different we can make Calista from her first look... //HIT This is actually the happiest I've been with her design ahh she looks precious Q w Q <3

But anyway, I was going to keep this hidden until I can officially submit it to Armonia, but I decided to submit it now! Do you guys remember this babe? ; w ; She went from being a city resident, to a medieval jester, and now a student! Not much really changed about her though - at first I was going to change her into a shiny Slurpuff but...she's always been a shiny Furret, I didn't have the heart to do it, plus I really like her as one xD; But yes, she's still from Lavender Town and afraid of ghosts...though she's not a guitarist anymore, she's a baker! (Calista's Song still exists though u w u<3) Two of her moves also changed, and thats it xD

And now, what is she doing here? Well...I have decided to make Belial an NPC. I was so excited when I made his character, he was supposed to be so much fun...but I can only RP him when Patience is around. Due to his mean and shut-tight personality he doesn't interact, and when it was just him I had to break his character to make him interact. He's really really hard without her, he's way too dependent on her OTL so, since I don't want to get rid of him altogether, he is an NPC, so still a student at the school, just on the side ; w ;

Now that all of that is out of the way-- info!

"Thanks for spending time with me...~ I hope I wasn't too much of a bother..."

:bulletpink:Name: Calista "Cali" Arielle LaFleur
:bulletwhite:Age: 18 years (joined Armonia at 17)
:bulletpink:Gender: Female
:bulletwhite:Pokemon: Furret (shiny)
:bulletpink:Birthday: July 13th
:bulletwhite:Height: 5'0" 
:bulletpink:Weight: 82 lbs
:bulletwhite:Nature: Gentle
:bulletpink:Ability: Keen Eye
:bulletwhite:Hometown: Lavender Town


Calista is a very sweet and gentle girl, she wouldn't harm a fly. She tends to get a bit bashful when first meeting new friends, but it doesn't take much for her to open up and get comfortable. She's sensitive and caring, always willing to lend an ear for anyone who needs to talk. On the flipside however, Calista can be a pretty anxious person, and she tends to get scared easily. When that happens, she can panic pretty hard. Calista is also oversensitive, forgets things often, and tends to get frustrated quite easily.


The story starts with Calista's parents, a female Furret and a male Typholsion. When they were both young, they had both lived in the beautiful Lumiose City, located in the majestic region of Kalos. However, when the Furret bloomed into pregancy with their first child, the young couple decided to move to somewhere more quaint and quiet to raise their kids. Packing up their things, they moved to Lavender Town, Kanto.

This is where Calista and her older siblings were born. There were four of them, her older brother, Micheal (usually called Mickey), the oldest of the sisters Adrienne, and the middle sister Cyrille. When they were all younger, the family would have what they called 'family time' almost every night. When it was family time, and together the family would do all sorts of different things. The activity that Calista enjoyed most was when they baked sweets; she loved creating all sorts of pastries her mother learned to make in Lumiose, decorating them with frosting and other goodies (which of course got all over the floor), and then seeing and eating the pretty final product (with mother's touch ups, of course). She grew to really like it, and started doing it by herself when she got older.

Calista's life in Lavender Town was rather slow and uneventful until she turned six years old. She was out playing with her friends when it started getting late. Instead of turning to go back home, however, the kids got an idea; the Ghost-types always hung out in the Pokemon Tower, and none of them have ever seen it before. Their parents had always warned them not to go in there by themselves, especially at night, but they were big kids now, they weren't afraid of no ghosts! So, Calista and her friends wandered inside, and didn't find much until they started moving up and up on the floors. Things were getting darker, spookier...was that someone leaning over your shoulder? Before Calista knew it there were shrieks and her friends were running like crazy in all different directions. Her mind couldn't register why at first, but when it did, it hit her hard. Some of the Ghost-types who resided in the tower had appeared, and by this time she was by herself. The ghosts didn't want to let her go so easily...they decided to have a bit of fun with her first, scaring the at the time Sentret girl, making her scream and cry and run until she was lost in the tower. If her older brother Mickey hadn't come for her, she wouldn't have been crying by herself in there all night.

After that incident Calista's views about Lavender Town and its inhabitants changed dramatically. She was now terrified of Ghost-type Pokemon, the smallest creaks of her house keeping her up at night. To keep her calm, her brother Mickey wrote a small song for her; he played it for every night, telling her it would keep away the ghosts. The song never got an official name, they had just called it "Calista's Song."

As Calista grew into a teenager, her parents started becoming worried about her. She was a well-rounded, sweet girl sure, but because of that incident and her constant surroundings Calista was getting anxiety; she would get scared more easily, constantly worry at night, she was afraid. Despite her parents wanting to help her get over her fear, Lavender Town was certainly not the place to do it. 

In school, Calista had been doing great. She was a diligent student, always handing in her work on time, and putting away some time to study. This gave her parents an idea. They started looking at other schools, one away from home Calista could transfer to. After many different options they came across the Armonia Institute; a school where special Pokemon would learn about balance, courage, and harmony. Reading about it more, they decided it was the perfect place.

They told Calista all about the school, and almost immediately she was captivated by it. The school sounded amazing, a prestigious, beautiful school, she could perhaps take baking classes...and, even though she kept the reason to herself, it was away from Lavender Town and all the ghosts. Happily, Calista agreed to sign out an application to attend, hoping and praying to get accepted.

:bulletpink:Summary Characteristic: Sturdy body

-Taking long walks with pretty scenary.

:bulletpink:Level: 30

:bulletwhite:Learnset: Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Helping Hand, Follow Me, Slam, Rest, Sucker Punch

Bullet; PinkMoveset (TM/HM/Egg/Tutor):
:iconelectrictypeplz:ThunderPunch (Move tutor): The target is punched with an electrified fist. It may also leave the target with paralysis.
:iconicetypeplz:Ice Beam (TM): The target is struck with an icy-cold beam of energy. This may also leave the target frozen. 
:iconpsychictypeplz:Amnesia (Move tutor): The user temporarily empties its mind to forget its concerns. This sharply raises the user's Sp. Def stat. 
:iconbugtypeplz:U-Turn (TM): After making its attack, the user rushes back to swtich places with a party Pokemon in waiting.

:bulletwhite:Favorite berry flavor: All of them

:bulletpink:House: Selva
:bulletwhite:School schedule:
Math (II)

Home Economics

:bulletpink:Extras/Fun facts:
•Calista really likes baking, however she doesn't eat everything she makes...and such, likes giving sweet little goodies to her friends.
•She likes wearing big shirts.
•She is still terrified of Ghost-types.
•Not only her face, but her arms are also covered in freckles.
•Since Calista has a lot of special defense, when she is in a battle with someone she will often use Follow Me to absorb all of the damage.
•She is cautious when it comes to dating (especially guys) due to relationship troubles in the past that she would rather not speak about.
•And, secretly, she would rather date a girl then a boy.
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DreamingMystic Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*reads all the stuff about ghosts*

Oh... oh dear...
Pfffffffffffffffffttttt... I am sorry to inform you, Miss Calista, but apparently you share a dorm room with my Marionette.
A Litwick.
A very small, very giggly Litwick who would love nothing more than to give you lots of huggles, cuddles, and snuggles. xD
Berryeon Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oh my gosh isn't Calista a lucky girl xD hopefully rooming with such a cute little ghost will help her a bit with her fear tho!! 
DreamingMystic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It better!  Or else the little candle will feel completely awful about making the girl so terrified and maybe even a cry a little about it.  She doesn't like people being scared of her. Dx
Berryeon Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
aw no poor baby Q V Q I think after a while Calista could get used to such a cute and tiny ghost > w >
DreamingMystic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used enough to allow Marionette to take a snooze in that big fluffy tail of hers? :dummy:
'cause the little litwick is going to want to do that at some point.
Berryeon Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
EEE THATS SO CUTE FJEUWUE I think one day Cali can handle it :C
DreamingMystic Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope Marionette can control herself until then, 'cause... well... the fluff.
It calls to her.
Saying "hug me, love me, snuggle me."
She might not be able to stop herself before realizing that she has already burrowed herself deep in all that tail fluff. >^ >;
Maybe she'll be able to snuggle herself deep enough that Calista won't notice...
Berryeon Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well.... that's highly possible, as Calista's tail isn't really too sensitive to touch, especially from a little tiny ghost girl > w >
Emboars Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hhh what a babe <3
Berryeon Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hh thanks <3
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